Books Monthly
June 2024

Stephen King At The Movies...

I've seen quite a few of the movie adaptations of Stephen King's books; In my opinion, (so far), The Green Mile, starring Tom Hanks is far and away the best, although I did also enjoy The Shawshank Redemption, which is considered to be one of the very best movies of all time. I enjoyed the book The Green Mile more than the short story Rota Hayworth and the Shawshank Redemption, on which the movie was based. For me, the cast in The Green Mile was superb, the screenplay was outstanding, and the whole movie captured the essence of Stephen King's writing in a way that has never been equalled. Nowadays it seems that every Stephen King book is made either into a blockbuster movie or else into a TV series or miniseries. My previous favourite Stephen King read, IT, was made into a three hour miniseries starring Tun Curry as Pennywise, and that series was far, far better than the two movie adaptation with Peter Skarsgaard as Pennywise a couple of years back. The out and out horror of the later IT failed to capture the essence of the 1958 sequence which the Richard Thomas/Tim Curry series triumphed in. Similarly the original THE STAND miniseries was much better than the later version. There have been some turkeys, of course. UNDER THE DOME failed spectacularly and was disastrously taken over by the writers in their attempt to make more money out of a book that wasn't that good. Earlier film adaptations such as FIRESTARTER, TYHE DEAD ZONE, CUJO, CHRISTINE and THE SHINING have stood the test of time, as has BAG OF BONES. Later miniseries, such as 11.22.63 are pretty good, THE DARK TOWER, starring Idris Elba, is less so. Which brings me to FAIRY TALE, which I've just read is being turned into a movie. I'm reading FAIRY TALE right now for the fifth time, and enjoying it immensely, mainly because it is chiefly about a dog, Radar, whom Charlie Reade inherits from an elderley neighbour and whom he hopes he can save from dying of old age by visiting a fairytale land where there is a sundial with rejuvenating properties. For a long time IT was my favourite STephen King book; that was overtaken by 11.22.63, and that in turn has been overtaken by FAIRY TALE. I sincerely hope that the Hollywood version of FAIRY TALE is one of the better adaptations of the many, many Stephen King books. Until the July issue, Happy Reading!

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